Fibon LogiCube

To license fully integrated "Fibon Logic" software for switchboard which comply to IEC 40639 to the "Fibon Technology Partners" worldwide and to manufacture, supply and sales of "Fibon Cube" parts and switch board equipment parts to Fibon Technology Partners.

Fibon Logic is self-logic secure design software. It provides unique & sophisticated switchboard design, enable customer to design its own switchboard model easy. Besides, Fibon Logic also provides management, manufacturing, and real-time financial statistic.

Fibon Logic
  • Switchboard design
  • Part component design (Insulator)
  • Assembly demo
  • BOM (bill of material) list
  • Costing & Order

Fibon Cube system provides various equipments/components that needed for the switchboard. They are unique & sophisticated design, quick & easy assembly, and cost effective. These equipments /components are comply to Fibon Logic.